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2007 Teike-Bernabi Tournament

2007 Teike- Bernabi Finals Photographs

A CD of the championship finals along with the podium shot will available for $25 + $3 shipping and handling. The CD will contain all full resolution, professional photos from the championship finals of only the weight class selected. The average photograph size of each shot on the CD is 6MB. This would allow for prints ranging from 4"x6" up to and including a 20"x 30" print.

NOTE: The samples provided are for reference only and the larger image provided is 320 x 213 pixels. The resolution of the pictures received will be 3888 x 2592 pixels each.

Questions can be emailed to: r1baldino@aol.com

Note: Spencerport Parents please contact Bob Baldino directly or by email above if interested

Teike- Bernabi Finals Full Collection with podium shot
To view photographs click on weight class photo or link. Order form below.

096 lbs- 45 Photos 103 lbs- 51 Photos 112 lbs- 52 Photos 119 lbs- 57 Photos 125 lbs- 41 Photos
130 lbs- 38 Photos 135 lbs- 18 Photos 140 lbs- 53 Photos 145 lbs- 69 Photos 152 lbs- 47 Photos
160 lbs- 45 Photos 171 lbs- 24 Photos 189 lbs- 15 Photos 215 lbs-83 Photos 285 lbs-35 Photos

2007 Teike- Bernabi Photo Order Form

Click here and you will be forwarded to the online order page.

Trophy's for Individual and Team Placefinsher
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